8AMs are not the business.

25 Aug

After a long night studying with my campus fam, I finally climbed onto my bed (lofted and scary high above the ground) at 2:47AM. I call that an early night. This morning I descended from my bed at 6:43AM…and I’ll be honest, after I thanked God for keeping me through the night, I got extra negative. 8AM classes are so unnatural. After I made my way to the polar opposite side of campus (Franklin Street, where my class is so inconveniently located), I found myself unable to concentrate on anything except how sleepy I was. Struggling…The one thing I had going for me at 8AM today was that I chose to wear one of my most favorite dresses.

Dress: Juicy Couture

I love this dress. I legitimately stalked it for an entire summer and even visited it every chance I got, just to make sure no one bought it. When I finally had enough money to buy it, this little number was all mine. At the time of purchase, I was obsessed with all things indian-inspired. The design of this dress gives off a cute indian vibe. I love the sleeves, color, buttons and detailing. Juicy Couture made fashionable perfection when this baby left the factory.